The Process of Obtaining a Polish Residence Permit

Non-EU/EEA citizens need a residence permit to live, study, and work in Poland. EU citizens need only register their stay. The Poland residency permit proves your stay. Poland has two residency permits:

  1. Temporary residence permit which is valid for one to three years.
  2. Permanent residence permit which is valid for ten years.


What is a Temporary Residence Permit in Poland?

Polish immigrants receive temporary residence permits. Polish long-stay D visa applicants receive temporary residency permits (for work, studies, or family reunification, etc).

Polish Temporary Residence Application?

Polish embassy long-stay visas are required before applying for a residence permit. After arriving in Poland, complete these actions to legalize your stay:

  • Voivodeship Offices. Legalize your temporary stay at a voivodeship office, specifically the Foreign Affairs Department.
  • Gather necessary paperwork. Complete the document before applying for a Poland temporary residency permit. Document Checklist.
  • Polish essential documents. Translate and legalize all Poland temporary residency documents. Papers must be original and copied. Application paperwork are returned.
  • Document. Your voivodeship office needs your temporary residency permit application and supporting documents.
  • Pay. Temporary residence permits cost roughly €94.
  • Wait. Wait for a response. Temporary resident permits take around a month to process.


Application for a Polish Residence Permit and Necessary Documents

  • Temporary residence application. Submit two forms.
  • Photos. Visa photos must meet standards.
  • Passport. Original and copy passports must be presented.
  • Stamp duty, about €11.
  • Healthcare. Poland requires pre-existing health insurance. If not, Poland requires health insurance.
  • University acceptance letters are required for student national visas.
  • Polish employers must issue work permits for work visas.
  • Family reunification visas require proof of your relationship with the Polish citizen.


How long a Poland Temporary Residence Permit is good for

Poland grants one-to-three-year temporary residence permits. After five years, you can apply for a permanent residence permit.