Health Insurance in Canada for Foreigners, Insurance Plan Cost For Public and Private Health Insurance Plans

Canada offers excellent healthcare services to both residents and non-residents living in the country. However, public health facilities only provide basic services to those covered by local health insurance. On the other hand, private health insurance plans are more expensive but still provide customers with adequate and convenient services.

In this post we will Learn about health insurance in Canada, the differences between the country’s public and private healthcare providers, recommended hospitals that accept immigrants and expats, and the best types of insurance benefits for travelers, foreigners, and students.

Health Insurance in Canada for New Immigrants

In order to receive medical services in Canada, you must have a health insurance card. Each province or territory issues these cards to its residents. As a new immigrant, you must apply for this card from the state government.

Consider this: if you are in Ontario you should visit Service Ontario to submit your application and if you are in Alberta you should visit Service Alberta.

These websites contain the address of the physical location and also mention the documents required for your application. You just have to go to the place that is closest to you and request your health card. All applications must be submitted in person. The documents required as part of the application may vary by province, but in most cases all provinces require proof of residency, government-issued ID, and documents proving immigration status.

As soon as your application has been checked, the health card will be sent to your place of residence by post. You must show this card every time you visit a hospital or doctor.

important notice: If you are residing in a province that has a waiting period to get public insurance, your timeline for eligibility is counted from the day you land in the province and not from the day you apply. For example, if you are in Toronto and you landed on March 1, 2022, but submitted an application for your health insurance card on May 25, 2022, you would become eligible within approximately 5 days. And if you submit an application in June, beyond the three month waiting period, you will be covered immediately from the time you submit an application.

How Much Does a Canada Health Insurance Plan Cost?

The cost of global medical insurance in Canada for foreigners is $3,162 per year per person. This is an estimate based on historical sales over the last 18 months.

Canada’s health insurance costs will vary depending on several factors. The biggest influence on its price is your age, followed by the benefits included, the plan design, and the chosen deductible.

Here are examples of the average costs of healthcare in Canada for non-residents coming from some of the more popular countries or citizenship.

1 South Africa $8,365.09
2 Mexico $6,001.12
3 United States $4,354.07
4 Brazil $3,848.06
5 India $3,324.06
6 Canada $3,039.03
7 United Kingdom $2,173.54
8 Philippines $1,605.08
9 Ireland $1,204.65
10 Australia $645.15

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Global Medical offers private health insurance plans in Canada for non-residents

Canada is known for its quality national health insurance program and relatively easy access to health care. Canadian citizens and immigrants who qualify as permanent residents have access to a universal, single-payer health care system. This insurance plan is often called Medicare Canada.

Policies and standards for Canada’s health insurance system are set by the federal government. The main goal of the program is to ensure the same level of accessibility across the country for citizens and non-citizens living in the country. However, actual administration of the social security system rests with the provinces and territories.

Confused about health insurance coverage in Canada for expatriates, immigrants and non-residents? This is a comprehensive guide on what expats, immigrants and foreigners in Canada need to know about how local and international insurance plans and private health insurance work in Canada.