Nigeria Became The Second Largest Bitcoin Marketplace On Paxful

According to¬† Quartz Africa, Nigeria became the second largest market for bitcoin; the modern world, digital currency, trading over 60,215 Bitcoin valued $566 million between 2015 to 2020.   The West African nation, reportedly skyrocketed its trading volume in 2020 by 19% and was majorly attributed to the EndSars/Police Brutality protest in Nigeria which the […]

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When you are in Awka, don’t touch the monkeys.

When you are in Awka, avoid the monkeys. To the people of Awka, in Anambra state, Nigeria ,Monkey is symbolic. Awka people’s reverence for monkeys is as old as the history of the city. They revere the animal, and as such, the animal enjoys immunity status from harm or even consumption. Oral history recorded it […]

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