African folktales

Timkat; One of the biggest festivals in Ethiopia

Travelers can gain a valuable understanding of Ethiopia’s religion, culture, and traditions by spending time there. Timkat, which honors Christ’s baptism, lasts for three days. The 19th of January is the most significant day since it is when the baptismal vows are renewed and the water is blessTinkatt Epiphany celebrations are held by the Ethiopian […]

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Who missed folktales? Read and be entertained!

Yeah, it’s Friday, and I have another folk tale for you. This is a South African folktale, written by Sanni Metelerkamp and published in 1914 by MacMillan. Enjoy your read. It was winter in the Great Karroo. The evening air was so crisp and cutting that one seemed to hear the frost’s crick-crack as it […]

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Who missed folktales? Here is a Tanzanian folktale

A Tanzanian folktale, written by George W. Bateman. TITLE: THE HARE AND THE LION   One day Soongoo′ra, the hare, roaming through the forest in search of food, glanced up through the boughs of an enormous calabash tree, and saw that bees inhabited a massive hole in the upper part of the trunk; thereupon he […]

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