A Dream.

As a child while growing up, history was not thought to us at school, it was a ban in subject in schools by the government of my country (reason best known to them).

When I had the Zeal of learning about my History and Heritage as an African child, I realize there was more to black than just history on slavery.

There is beauty to black and its people, Our Motherland, “Africa” is Beautiful.

When Starting this innovative platform that can connect, empower and celebrate black people around the world I had no other thought than writing about African Tradition/Culture, African History, African Food, African Fashion, Black excellence, Black-owned Business, African Innovation, African Quotes, and More.

Knowing fully well a dream requires like-minds willing to put in their best, research, and resources in providing accuracy in achieving a common goal at  54history.

Each category is being managed by “paid” students.

54history Teams.


Our Mission.

Our mission is to provide accurate information about African.


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