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Who is Jagmeet Singh’s wife, Gurkiran Kaur Sidhu? The untold   


We zanursing.com are pleased to inform you about biography of Jagmeet Singh’s wife, Gurkiran Kaur Sidhu

Jagmeet Singh is a Canadian politician who currently serves as the leader of the New Democratic Party (NDP) in Canada. His wife, Gurkiran Kaur Sidhu, is a fashion designer and entrepreneur.

Gurkiran Kaur Sidhu was born and raised in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. She attended Dawson College, where she studied psychology and later went on to study fashion design at the LaSalle College in Montreal.

After completing her studies, Gurkiran Kaur Sidhu worked for several years as a fashion designer for various companies before launching her own fashion label, Jangir Maddadi Design Bureau, in 2012. The brand focuses on modern, luxury designs for home and lifestyle products.

Jagmeet Singh and Gurkiran Kaur Sidhu met in 2010 at a mixed martial arts gym in downtown Toronto, where they were both training. They started dating shortly thereafter and got married in February 2018 in a traditional Sikh ceremony in Mexico. Their wedding was covered extensively in the Canadian media, with many praising the couple’s fashion choices and the beauty of the ceremony.

Since their marriage, Jagmeet Singh and Gurkiran Kaur Sidhu have been very supportive of each other’s careers. Gurkiran has often been seen at her husband’s side at political events and has used her social media platforms to promote his policies and campaigns. She has also used her fashion label to promote diversity and inclusivity, with a portion of the profits going to various charities that support these causes.

Overall, Gurkiran Kaur Sidhu is an accomplished fashion designer and entrepreneur who has made a name for herself in Canada’s fashion industry. She is also a supportive partner to Jagmeet Singh and has played a significant role in his political career.

Originally posted on February 20, 2023 @ 10:51 am

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