Home Teasers What to expect from Season 2 of Telemundo’s Nurses

What to expect from Season 2 of Telemundo’s Nurses

What to expect from Season 2 of Telemundo’s Nurses

As we spilt in the TVSA News Shorts, María Clara returns for more norty nurse action in Season 2 of Telemundo’s Nurses this Monday 17 October at 21h00.

It will also be available on new streaming service Universal+, with the full Season 1 in case you missed it when it first aired. Season 2 episodes are loading in-line with the Telemundo broadcast.

Here’s a check list of what’s what with who in the new season:

María Clara and Carlos move in together while they make preparations for their wedding.

Biiig problemo. Or is it?

Living together isn’t as easy as they expected and there are obstacles that threaten to separate them.

Santa Rosa Hospital’s new Scientific Director, Agustín Garnica, becomes a point of conflict.

With him arrives Victoria, his ex-wife and also the hospital’s new Financial Manager.

María Clara and Victoria are on opposite sides as María supports Garnica and his intention of maintaining the social character of Santa Rosa over profit.

The excessive workload creates tension in María Clara and Carlos’s relationship and their wedding is at risk.

This pressure is also felt by Sol Angie and Álvaro who struggle to balance their personal and work lives under the new financial rules imposed by Victoria.

An unexpected event in Carlos’s life might just be the straw that breaks the camel’s back.

Will Carlos and María Clara’s relationship survive the pressures of their personal and professional lives?

Or will this be the end of their love story?

Headlining the cast for Season 2 are:

Diana Hoyos as María Clara González

Sebastián Carvajal as Carlos Pérez

Nina Caicedo as Sol Angie Velásquez

Julián Trujillo as Álvaro Rojas

Federico Rivera as Héctor Rubiano “Coco”

Viña Machado as Gloria Mayorga Moreno

Tatiana Ariza as Helena Prieto

Andrés Suárez as Dr. Agustín Garnica

Maria Alejandra Correa as Inés Chac

Lina Cardona as Andrea Arias

Carlos Baez as Andrés Garnica

Paula Barreto as Victoria Cifuentes


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