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Top Investment Platforms In Nigeria 2023


Top Investment Platforms In Nigeria 2023 – Business type or money-minded type investing a prior aspect and if you are reading this article then you’ve reached your goal spot on platforms to invest in without regret.

Investment is crucial, it’s like laying a foundation and imagining what your structure would look like. It’s like watering a lifeless flower in the hope that it will rise beautifully as expected by the owner. Investing in Nigeria is easy, all you need to know is to find a lucrative investment platform, and then you put your actions into motion. Once you have started this, it can take you some time to build up your portfolio with investments that you feel are beneficial. When you have done, you may want to speak to some investment consultants who can help guide you and offer insights into areas that are financially viable for what you are looking for.

Top Investment Platforms In Nigeria 2023


An enterprise detail on the Pay later app, the online lending forum, Payvest authorized users to save and receive interest as high as 15 percent per annum due quarterly. It operates like your normal fixed residue in that you are not authorized to put in once lock-in for a specified tenor. With a minimum investment of N50,000, users are permitted to close their investment for a duration varying from 3, 6, 9, or 12 months.


This platform affords you the chance to automate your savings. You agree on how you recoup and when you save which can be daily, weekly, or monthly. By associating your debit card to your Cowrywise account, your savings program is automated.

Cowrywise pays interest of between 10 – 15 percent per annum on your savings and this is accrued and placed to your account on a daily basis. You are entitled to withdraw from your savings at any time and also qualify for Cowrywise loans at a cheap rate.


Previously, PiggyBank. It is early and about the most prominent of these savings and investment platforms in Nigeria. Their assertion is to give Nigerians the ability to organize their finances by instructing them more straightforwardly. You choose to save lesser amounts or as big as you can occasionally, daily, weekly, or monthly towards certain reasons, policies, and projects, and receive interest of between 10 – 17 percent.


Online savings and investment protocols that conduct is to earn saving money simpler, smarter, more convenient, and more protected. They utilize Paystack for all their expenditure and their budgets are warehoused in FCMB.Put your savings mark and approach on a daily, weekly, or monthly purpose. Withdrawal is quarterly and your money attains interests far much bigger than what you earn on a conventional bank savings account.


This platform is powered by Wema Bank and can be said to be better than just a savings and investment platform. It is flattered to be Nigeria’s first digital bank constructed to democratize banking aids and earn them available to all. Utilizing your mobile phone, you can unlock an account and begin a computerized savings program that reimburses you up to 10 percent annum, 3 times what the bank pays its ordinary saving account customers.


This is a private finance app that assists you to improve your financial profession by tracing your income, regulating your expenses, and assisting you to make rational money options. Forbes describes Reach as a Nigerian Fintech that assists you to save for life’s big moments. Wielding an algorithm, the app trails your SMS alerts and uses it to generate element personal financial management knowledge to provide you a breakdown of where your money gets on each week, insights on how you expend, and a budgeting device to assist you to fulfill your monetary purposes.


Kudabank is one of Nigeria’s first digital-only banks that is consented to by the Central Bank of Nigeria. It’s a full-fledged microfinance bank with a complimentary digital forum that permits starting and finishing banking transactions online by inscribing a single line on paper. On the Kudabank app, you can save, invest and borrow, all in a computerized way. Being a microfinance bank tells that its sediment is wrapped by the Nigerian Deposit Insurance Corporation (NDIC).


An online savings and investment platform constructed to help people and small enterprises save, invest, and borrow cash at active interest rates. The platform has modules for several market segments: Riby Cooperative deals with the need of Cooperatives, Associations, and Trade Group assisting them to manage member contributions, savings, and borrowing; Riby Peer lending, which permits peer-to-peer lending and the Riby Saver App which enables users to automate their saving.


Fundall is a one-stop private monetary management app that encourages you to automate the planning and supervision of all your finances from one app. You can save, invest, borrow, pay bills, and even purchase insurance with this app. It’s completely a private financial management tool that gives you all your desire to create income and thrive in your business.


A mobile app that authorizes you to save towards the intended mark over a period of time. With Kolopay, you can stake your savings objectives with friends and family so that they also can be part of your proposal by contributing towards your purpose. You receive interest on your savings at 6 percent annum.


If you have ever needed to play in the Treasury Bill market and have been restricted from doing so, this mobile app will assist you to start to do so shortly. I-invest enables users to develop their savings and attain a higher interest rate by purchasing Treasury Bills irrespective of where they are tracked down just by communing the buttons on their mobile phones. The lowest investment is N100,000. Interest is accrued daily and on majority principal amount subsidized plus accrued dividend is placed in your established bank account.


The Payday investor is an online enterprise platform governed by ARM, a Nigerian income administration firm. The platform is constructed to support users recoup automatically, your savings is afterward capitalized in any of their common accounts for greater retrievals. Illustrated the numerous Investment Platforms in Nigeria, you should realize that there are statutory fees expected of you to pay. You may not extend them immediately, but it is obvious that you pay them, don’t lose out because of anxiety. Begin now and you will amass your future thank you


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