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Simply Steps to Register Student Accommodations with NSFAS


This article answers the following questions:

  • Where and how to register student accommodations with NSFAS?
  • What is the student accommodation portal of NSFAS?
  • How to create an account with the student accommodation portal of NSFAS?
  • How to login the student accommodation portal of NSFAS?
  • How to register student accommodations through the student accommodation portal of NSFAS?
  • What is the student accommodation off-take agreements?

These providers are parties such as institutions of higher education, accommodation providers, developers, and investors. Below are the respective steps:

  • Access this webpage and then click the “Accommodation Provide” option of the “Register as …” section.
  • See the following sections: “Applicant ID Number”, “Title”, “Firstnames”, “Surname”, “Cellphone number”, “Email address”, “Confirm email address”, “Password”, “Confirm password”, “Read and understood T&C’s”, and “I am not a robot”.
  • Fill in all of those sections and then click the “Register” button at the bottom of the page.

For underdeveloped and yet to be developed accommodation facilities, landlords need to apply for student accommodation off-take agreements for accreditation to provide student accommodations for NSFAS beneficiaries. Applications for last year closed on 02nd December 2022.

The agreements are granted based on (1) the National Treasury’s input, (2) sound business case, (3) minimum required points, and (4) the demand for accommodation in the proposed area.

Those who had previously applied were requested to send through their contact details (contact person, email address and contact numbers), entity names and registration numbers to this email.

The agreements are not applicable to accommodation providers who are currently providing accommodations to NSFAS beneficiaries. The process to accredit existing accommodation is a separate one and its commencement will be announced in due course.

Once signed in, accommodation providers will access the portal’s dashboard and be able to do the following:

  • Revise their personal details such as names and ID number.
  • Conduct account payments to complete accommodation registration.
  • Apply for accreditation and grading of student accommodations by entering their details and uploading all of the required documents. NSFAS will then contact them and send a panel of experts assess the properties.
  • Track application status of properties as a result of reviewing the existing application progress and feedback related to the submitted documents.
  • Review student applications when viewing application of students who have applied for accommodations.
  • Remain informed about the requests from NSFAS consisting of tasks that need to be performed in a timely manner.
  • Access queries from students to stay in touch with tenants and address concerns/questions.

Originally posted on February 27, 2023 @ 1:53 pm

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