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Shoki Mmola Switches Skeem Saam for Scandal!


Former Skeem Saam star Shoki Mmola returns to primetime TV tonight (23 February) after exiting the world of Turfloop in July last year.

She debuts on Scandal! as Prudence, mentioned in the February teasers here. She’s Vuvu’s holier than thou mother who’s so evil she wants to steal Vuvu’s children from her.

Here’s an extended teaser of what to expect:

Reverend Prudence Molepo is a woman of the cloth who has wholly given her life to the faith. She holds herself in high regard and expects others to do the same for themselves.

But, she stands on a moral high ground to mask her own flaws.

The Reverend is a strict mother and can often be too hard on her children. In her eyes, they cannot be failures because they were birthed by a woman who is moulded in the image of God.

The Reverend comes in as Vuvu’s mother, and she holds Nhlamulo and Vuvu’s kids close to her heart. But she does not agree with Vuvu’s sexuality and writes her off completely.

She feels Vuvu and Nhlamulo are not fit to raise the children and wants to raise them for herself.


Originally posted on February 23, 2023 @ 8:25 pm

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