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Jumpstart-Job opportunity Apply Now!


The JumpStart recruitment programme has been providing aid to South African youth in search of employment since 2008. Since it caters to the youth, its application process is relatively simple and free, ensuring that applicants can get the most out of their application.

As stated on the JumpStart official website, their youth employment programme is aimed at recruiting unemployed youth and training them for the world of employment to enable them to “transition into meaningful careers”.

Apart from their youth employment efforts, the JumpStart group aims to make a considerable difference in South African schooling institutions through transforming “underperforming classrooms into centres of maths and science excellence” as well as providing meaningful work experience for unemployed youth.

Although the JumpStart programme itself only offers training and development for students, the JumpStart initiative has paired up with a few retail companies to launch the JumpStart Retail Frontline Programme.

JumpStart also offers the following:

  • Primary school maths tutor training
  • Coding and robotics programmes
  • Data and data assessment technologies to monitor learner progress, improve programme performance, support decision making and engage and provide transparency to stakeholders
  • Software labs to address the gap between the computational logic of school leavers and competencies required by industry. The software engineer programme has been moved to a separate legal entity for governance purposes but remains an important part of the JumpStart vision

This programme, established in collaboration with the Mr. Price Foundation, is meant to prepare youth for entry-level jobs in retail stores, although they maintain that a job is not guaranteed through this programme. To be apart of this programme, the application process would go as follows:

  • Apply for the Retail Frontline Programme online here
  • Perform an online pre-test to test whether or not you are a good fit for retail. You would need at least 200MB of data and a laptop/computer to complete the test
  • The applicant will be contacted if there is training available in their area
  • Thereafter, online and in-person training as well as on-the-job training shall commence

It is also important for potential applicants to note that the programme does not charge a fee for entry.

JumpStart also runs an internship programme and those interested can send their details to [email protected].


Originally posted on February 14, 2023 @ 11:44 pm

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