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In love with a playboy episode 12-New update


Two weeks later, the school went on vacation, Lucia was at home very happy to be back home, she was lying on the b£d in her room, then she got a message from Rich-rd, she looked at it and smiled. They chatted for a while and Lucia kept smiling. “You said you were transferred to Miami high school right?” Lucia asked him.

“Thats right”. Rich-rd said. They were chatting when Lucia heard her mum’s voice, she got back from work and was in the living room. Lucia dropped her phone on the b£d and went out to welcome her mum.

“Welcome mummy.” Lucia said as she hugged her mum.
“How are you doing Sweetheart?” Her mum asked
“Am fine mum.”

“Alright dear, let me freshen up, then I will come and fix dinner.” Mrs Santos said and climb£d up to her room. Lucia also went to her own room, she picked up her phone and saw Rich-rds last message. “I miss you.” She looked at it and didn’t know what to reply, she put the phone in her pocket and went to the living room. Her mum came downstairs and saw her lost in thought, she sat beside her and tapped her. “Hey daughter, whats wrong? What are you thinking about?” Her mum asked. She turned to her mum and took her hand. “Mum.”

“Yes, go on, tell me what the problem is.” Her mum said.
“mum I want to change school.” Lucia said.
“You want to change school? Why?” Mrs Santos asked.

“I don’t want to go to hiddenville anymore, I want to go to Miami high.” Lucia said
“But Miami is not a boarding school, you like boarding schools, isn’t that why you chose to go to hiddenville. So whats wrong now?”
“I don’t like hiddenville anymore, almost all my teachers has been changed and the new teachers don’t teach well and my grades are going down. ” Lucia lied.
“If thats the issue then I can talk to the principal about it.” Mrs Santos said.
“No mum, you don’t need to, I just want to change school, pleaase.” Lucia pleaded.
“Ok fine, I will talk to your dad about it but what about your friends, Betty and Vivian, are you going to just leave them? Her mum asked and Lucia couldn’t say anything.

The next morning, Lucia woke up and went to the living room, she saw her mum setting the dining table,she walked over and hugged her. “Good morning mum.” She said
“Morning my sunshine, and how was ur night?” Her mum asked.

“It was blissful.” Lucia said and she looked up and saw her dad climbing down the stairs, she went and hugged him. “Good morning dad.” She said.
“Morning princess, how are you?” Her dad asked
“Am fine dad.” Lucia said.
“When did you came back yesterday?” Lucia asked
“Oh, you were asleep when I got back, I got back late tho.” Her dad said
“Why don’t you two come here let’s have breakfast.” Lucia’s mum said. Lucia and her dad went to the dinning and sat down while her mum dished the food.
“Dear, your mum told me you don’t like your school anymore and you want to change school.” Mr Santos said
“yes dad.” Lucia said.

“So which school do you want to go to?”
“Miami high.” Lucia said

“Alright then, once the vacation is over, your mum will go with you and inform the authority abt your change of school and also to take your things.” Lucia dad said and Lucia was excited.
“Thanks Dad, you are the best.” Lucia said and hugged her dad.

“Anything for my princess.” Her dad said and her mum smiled.


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