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Ghana Prisons Service Contact


The Ghana Prisons Service is tasked with the safe custody of convicted persons from the courts as well as the provision of Reformation and Rehabilitation programmes for their successful resettlement into society. Our cherished values are humanity, vigilance and fortitude.


Our vision is to transform the Ghana Prisons Service into a highly efficient correctional service, managed by a well-trained, disciplined and motivated staff .


To protect the public by:

  • Holding prisoners securely
  • Reducing the risk of prisoners re-offending
  • Providing safe and well-ordered establishments in which we treat prisoners humanely, decently and lawfully.

Our Principles

In carrying out our work we:

  • Work in close partnership with others in the Criminal Justice System to achieve a common objective
  • Obtain best value from the resources available to ensure effective correctional practice
  • Promote diversity, equality of opportunity and combat unlawful discrimination
  • Ensure our staff have the right leadership, organisation, support, training and preparation to carry out their work effectively.


The following are some of the policies linked to the above functions:

  • Execution of sentences in a humane manner to reduce recidivism (re-offending).
  • Offering opportunities to prisoners to develop their skills through vocational training, moral and formal education.
  • Encouraging public/private participation in the provision of skills training.
  • Improvement in the welfare of prisoners (i.e. health care, clothing, bedding, feeding, recreation, library facilities, etc.).
  • Protection of rights of prisoners.


The core functions of the Ghana Prisons Service as spelt out in Section (1) of NRCD 46 (1972) are as follows:

  1. Safe custody of prisoners
  2. Welfare of prisoners.
  3. Reformation and rehabilitation of prisoners

It shall be the duty of the Prisons Service to ensure the safe custody and welfare of prisoners and whenever practicable to undertake the Reformation and Rehabilitation of prisoners. Every prison officer shall perform such functions as are by law conferred upon a Prison Officer and shall obey all lawful orders and direction in respect of the execution of his office which he may receive from his superiors in the Prisons Service.

Legislative Mandate

The following are legislature that govern the operations of the Service

  1. The 1992 Constitution of Ghana.
  2. Ghana Prisons Service Scheme of Service Administration (1991).
  3. Prison Regulations 1958 (L.I. 412).
  4. Prisons Service Decree, 1972 NRCD 46.
  5. Prisons (Declaration of Prisons) Instrument 1971 (E.I. 22).
  6. Prison (Amendment) Regulation 1970 (L.I. 648).
  7. Prison Standing Orders 1960.

Ghana Prisons Service Contact

Postal Address
Ghana Prisons Service,
P. O. Box 129,
Accra, Ghana.

Phone Numbers
233 0302 777 830
233 0302 777 052
233 0302 760 093

E-mail Addresses
[email protected]
[email protected]


Originally posted on February 14, 2023 @ 3:19 pm

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