Home Teasers Diepe Waters Teasers – November 2022 Episode 18 to 35

Diepe Waters Teasers – November 2022 Episode 18 to 35


Tuesday 1 November 2022
Episode 18

Bybie does the unforgivable with disastrous consequences. Henry’s beloved St Christopher goes missing. Jacques gives Meghan invaluable advice in order to convince Gys to support her business venture.

Wednesday 2 November 2022
Episode 19

Gys wants Bybie out of his house, Tshepo doesn’t want to wear Henry’s mafia suit to the matric dance and Nina wonders how she will get out of a crisis.

Thursday 3 November 2022
Episode 20

When Nina doesn’t have a dress for the matric dance, Karla comes to the rescue. Bybie helps set up for the pre-drinks party and lends a helping hand to Tshepo. Meghan has a plan to wow Yolandi.
Monday 7 November 2022
Episode 21

The results of Karla’s entrance exam are revealed. Zelda has a clever plan to milk Gys for more money. Lydia confronts Sanet about her drinking.

Tuesday 8 November 2022
Episode 22

Rossouw and his family struggle to come to terms with Lydia’s prognosis, Zelda pitches to Donovan and Sanet must call her sister.

Wednesday 9 November 2022
Episode 23

Sanet promises to stop drinking if her mother lives. Pam tells Zelda that she wants to start online tutorials. At the charity event Zelda discovers that Gys and Donovan are friends.

Thursday 10 November 2022
Episode 24

Karla gets a surprise while keeping watch over Lydia in hospital. Meghan pitches her skincare range to Gys. Sanet hears from Anja, but has to wait longer to see her. Henry is prepping frantically for the lunch with Meghan, Jacques and Gys.

Monday 14 November 2022
Episode 25

Lydia sees Anja for the first time in 20 years. Gys has managed to secure a loan for Meghan’s start-up business. Lettie wants to find Henry’s St Christopher.

Tuesday 15 November 2022
Episode 26

Anja struggles to see Sanet and Rossouw together. Sanet tries to convince Anja to go back to Kenya. Rossouw gives Anja a reason to stay longer. Lettie gives Henry the wrong St Christopher.

Wednesday 16 November 2022
Episode 27

Sanet is upset when she hears that Rossouw invited Anja to stay longer. Zelda finds out who got the contract from Donovan. Bybie doesn’t like the makeover Pam did on her.

Thursday 17 November 2022
Episode 28

Someone discovers Zelda’s secret about her illness. Sanet wants to emigrate immediately and Nina gets back at Johan.

Monday 21 November 2022
Episode 29

Zelda admits to Arno that she will have to come up with a good reason why she will not be at the salon during her chemo sessions. Anja organizes a burger night for the family. Henry insists on paying Lettie back for his grandma’s necklace.

Tuesday 22 November 2022
Episode 30

Lydia’s health deteriorates and she asks to see Anja, which upsets Sanet. Henry finds his missing purse and Tshepo believes his luck has turned. Sanet believes Rossouw prefers Anja above her. Lydia dies.

Wednesday 23 November 2022
Episode 31

Sanet organises Lydia’s funeral. Johan and Karla struggle to come to terms with Ouma’s death. Anja’s true feelings about Lydia surface. Henry tests if his luck has turned.

Thursday 24 November 2022
Episode 32

Henry is convinced his luck has turned. Rossouw confronts Anja about leaving him and Gys expects too much from Meghan.

Monday 28 November 2022
Episode 33

The community pays their respects to Sanet and her family at Lydia’s funeral. Lydia is remembered as a very honourable, loyal and kind person. Anja finds it hard to mourn her mother. Henry’s gambling becomes a problem.

Tuesday 29 November 2022
Episode 34

Sanet shares everything about her past with her father. Anja suspects that Karla may have emotional issues. Lettie pulls out all the stops to control Henry’s gambling addiction.

Wednesday 30 November 2022
Episode 35

Leon causes more trouble between Sanet and Anja. Tension between the two grandfathers leads to a fist fight. The embarrassment is too much for Karla.


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