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2023 Grade 11 Selection Lists-Papua New Guinea

Grade 11 Selection Lists| Short lists
The Grade 11 Selections in Papua New Guinea are done to allow students who meet the minimum requirements to continue their education at the Secondary Schools and National High Schools level. The Grade 11 selections are facilitated by the Department of Education through Measurements Services who produces the Examination Results and the General Education Services GES who does the selections. In this year 2022, Grade 11 Selections for 2023  are completed and can be viewed below

Requirements for Grade 11 Selections

  • Students must have attended a Public School  or a Church run school.
  • Students must have completed Grade 10 in the same year of the selections
  • Students must have filled and submitted  the Grade 10 School Leavers form.
  • Students must have  scored Upper Pass and above in the Grade 10 Examinable Subjects.

Who does the Grade 11 Selections
Selections for Grade 11 are done by Secondary and National High School Principals.

Where and When  are Grade 11 selection list become available?
​The Grade 11 selection lists are usually announced online in December. These lists are released by the PNG national education department through the General Education Services – GES

Note that this site  will also publish the list on this page below.

Grade 11 Selection List For PNG School Of Excellence – 2023

The National Education Department has released the Grade 11 Selection list for PNG School of Excellence (Formerly National High Schools ) for 2023.  The list can be viewed on the link below.

Originally posted on March 14, 2023 @ 11:09 pm

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