Blood Sisters’: Rating the fashion and styling on this Netflix original

Did the creators of “Blood Sisters” kill the fashion and style of the show?

The stars of the show [Instagram/ Deyemi]
Only if you live under a rock, Netflix’s limited series Blood Sisters, starring Ina Dima-Okojie, Nancy Isime, Ramsey Nouah, and other top cast members, has been streaming for days.

It follows the story of a lady and her friend fleeing the police and her fiancé’s brutal family after her friend kills her fiancé and they both bury the body.

Very few things can ruin a movie like bad makeup or horrible costumes. But when done right, make-up and costumes can help enhance the quality of the story.

So how much of fashion did “blood sisters” get right?

The first scene is about a wedding celebration, and even real weddings aren’t that pretty. All of the cast members looked good. As in a real wedding, the protagonists of the ceremony were the bride and groom. Ini (Sarah) was spotted in a purple two-piece set in the style of the Igbo bride, and Deyemi (Kola) wore a purple aso-oke.


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In the first part of the film, the killer tries and fails to kill Kola, ironically Kola is still dying that night. The killer was so easy to spot. I mean, who wears a leather jacket to a wedding? He should have been carrying a banner or shouting “I don’t belong here”, but we can ignore the killer’s mistake, he’s obviously inexperienced.

The special costume must go with to clothes of Kate Henshaw (Uduak). She revived the main character she played. In the first scene we saw Kate (Uduak) in a yellow aso-oke with exaggerated sleeves, she looked so in charge and in control.


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Throughout the movie, we saw Kate in ornate capes, flowing dresses, and kimonos, and her outfit combinations helped her fake the evil role quite well. We remember very well the scene where she got out of a private plane with a cape hanging behind her, what a badass.


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Kehinde Bankole’s character (Yinka) deserves respect for her impeccable outfits and those perfectly laid bone straight wigs!


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Ramsey Nouah wore a black suit the whole time and we’re tempted to believe it was the same suit, but it still worked with his role as undercover killer and bodyguard.

Ramsey always wore a black suit [Instagram/Nancy]
Genoveva Umeh who plays Timeyin, fashion was a hot mess. She is supposed to be a Gen Z gothic brat and her styling showed that.


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Nancy (Kemi) and Ini (Sara) dressed as you’d expect from any 20-year-old: stylish two-pieces and bob wigs.

Blood Sisters Series [Netflix]
We particularly touched on the part where Nancy took off her wig and Ini joined her: the sense of relief you get when the cool air blows through your hair after wearing a wig all day is wonderful.

For most of the movie, these women were on the run and the exhaustion showed on their faces, they were wearing jeans and shirts and anything they could touch – it helped the storytelling because imagine they were running with a face full of foundation and frontal closure wigs.

The film’s wounds and cuts also looked painfully realistic.

The answer to the previous question is, did they kill fashion and styling? Yes, they definitely killed it.