Ever Wondered Why The New York Mets Still Pay Bobby Bonilla?

Bronx born ex baseballer; Roberto Martin Antonio Bonilla would be getting over $20 million at the end of his deal from the Mets till 2035.

Bobby Bonilla who made a 16 years appearance in the major baseball leagues between 1986 to 2001 is reportedly earning $1.19 million till 2035 which means the contract with the New York Mets and the 58-year-old baseballer will end when he turns 72.

The Mets decided to buy off the remaining $5.9 million on Bonilla’s contract. According to his agent, Dennis Gilbert, they agreed on a yearly payment of $1.19 million that lasts till 25 years starting from July 1, 2011 plus an 8 percent interest.


Ever Wondered Why The New York Mets Still Pay Bobby Bonilla?
Bonilla 25 – image credit: ESPN

As absurd as it sounds, former co-owner Fred Wilpon who had invested in Bernie Madoff’s ponzi scheme agreed to the conditions of the deal with the believe that the returns from his investment would be bigger than Bobby Bonilla’s pay but that didn’t go down well for him nor the Mets.

June 1, is annually celebrated as Bobby Bonilla Day. Marking this year’s Bonilla Day, his agent when asked how he came up with the idea, by Fox Sports. He explained how his fear not to end up like some of his friends that ran out of money after going off contract birthed the idea which became the biggest hit for him amongst others. He admitted that Bobby was happy about the whole idea.

The new management of the Mets however showed their support to Bobby Day as they announced an AirBnB package that grant fans access to the Citi Field facilities and some amenities. The new owner, Steven Cohen flaunted the idea of giving Bobby an oversized check yearly and a lap drive around the stadium.


Ever Wondered Why The New York Mets Still Pay Bobby Bonilla?
Former Mets baseballer Bobby Bonilla – image credit: ESPN

Speaking to the newsmen, Bobby Bonilla praised the wonderful work of the Mets and their new management. He admitted he is in a good relationship with Steve Cohen. He went further adding that they have had dinner together in Greenwich, Connecticut.

“People actually forget my birthday, but no one forgets July 1. I get more texts and calls on that day than any other during the year,” he told the media.