Horrible Experiences Of The Enslaved Men By Their White Masters

400 years ago, during the slave trade where Africans were captured and taken to an unknown land far away from home to work on the plantations of their white slave masters, the enslaved men experienced a horrible sexual abuse in many ways.

Many died on the ship before arriving to their new homes. Some were either killed and thrown overboard, while some jumped into the sea. Those that made it to their new homes were forced to work for hours in the plantation on empty stomachs, with a regular reminder that they were just commodities to their owners.

Horrible Experiences Of The Enslaved Men By Their White Masters
Horrible Experiences Of The Enslaved Men – image credit: F2FA

The black women aside been sexually exploited — used as sex toys, were forced to breastfeed the white babies both while on ships and in the plantations. Much emphasis which are always on the general slavery or the exploitation of the women had drifted away some experiences of the men aside being forced to work for hours.

The men were raped daily just as the women, but was less known due to the fact that men were shy to acknowledge that they were being raped and the fact that most of their masters were either married or had numerous girlfriends. Since there was no physical evidence like getting physically abused nor pregnant, the idea that they were raped was easily wrote off.

Very common in Cuba and South America, the men were raped on the ship and in their secret sex farms, where most of their owners were homosexuals. Most were killed if found rebelling.

Horrible Experiences Of The Enslaved Men By Their White Masters
Breeding farm of slaves – image credit: F2FA

They were forced to have sex with their mistresses when their masters were away, but was overlooked because rape had become gender biased.

The men were also publicly abused — they were stripped naked. Flogged and get raped after to make him feel less of a man and also serve as a warning to others. Many were raped in front of their families, while in some cases were made to have sex publicly with their wives.
Many men ran away, while some committed suicide. This act from the whites was purely to show dominance.

The enslaved men were often stripped naked and lined up while getting their organs scrutinized, mocked and talked about. In some cases, they were forced to have sex with a virgin or dance naked, in an intent to entertain the white viewers. They were often castrated or had their genitals mutilated as a form of punishment. Some enslaved men that were leading other slaves in a plantation was often castrated and called women. In some extreme cases, men who were caught having affairs with either the daughters, wives, or an enslaved woman whom the master had an eye on were genitally mutilated to serve as a punishment.

Horrible Experiences Of The Enslaved Men By Their White Masters
Castration of slaves by their masters – image credit: F2FA

During the rise of abolitionism, slavery reduced. Slave ships were stopped, and many slaves were helped to escape. Many slaves gained confidence — they could rebel, resist or flee. This act made the white supremacists couldn’t meet the market demand of their produce, so they began a breeding farm where healthy men were forced to sleep with at least six enslaved women daily to increase the chances of these women getting pregnant.

It became rampant in South America. That was how the ‘Motherfucker’ came about, a term that simply means a male having sex with the mother. Many died of sexual exhaustion.