Lagos state commissioner of Police gets his men ready, stations them, to fight against Proposed upcoming #EndSARS protest

According to the statement by the commissioner of Police, Lagos state.

“In preparation for the proposed Endsars protest to be staged by some individuals and hired groups to cause mayhem and security threats in Lagos State, the Police Command has ordered the commanders of the Mobile Police Squadrons and Special Protection Unit in Lagos State to withdraw their men from individuals who are not entitled to police aides and escorts in line with the directive of the Inspector-General of Police, to augment its strength. “


” The Command has deemed it necessary to mop up more mobile men to be deployed across the length and breadth of the state for any eventualities as the police is no longer ready to condone any act of lawlessness, brouhaha and state of anarchy in Lagos State.”



The Commissioner of Police, has put all police personnel and other security agents in the state on red alert, while he summoned them to be professional and act accordingly, by the provisions of the law, either in quelling riots or for self defence.


The command warned against any peaceful or violent protest whatsoever in the state to avoid further breakdown of law and order, killings, burning and lootings that marred the recent Endsars violent protest in the state.



The Command therefore ensures its commitment to maintaining  law and order and help in preventing any act that is capable of causing pains, anarchy and losses of lives and property in the state.”