Tompolo is out after hiding for 6 years! Nigerians fear that war will escalate

For years Ekpemupolo aka Tompolo,¬†was a commander in various guerrilla groups in the Niger Delta which were all agitating against the insensitivity of the Federal Government and the international oil companies towards to exploitation and degradation of the Niger Delta. Ekpemupolo’s wealth, derived mainly from oil bunkering, played a major role in founding both MEND and also his own fighters.
Ekpemupolo embraced amnesty on October 4th 2009, in order to allow for peace in the area, and for the government and oil companies to carry out development projects, and provide jobs and training.[Former dreaded militant leader, Government Oweizide Ekpemupolo, aka Tompolo, has made his first public appearance after hiding from security agencies for six years.
Tompolo, who led the disbanded Movement for Emancipation of Niger Delta (MEND), went underground immediately after President Muhammadu Buhari was sworn-in in 2015 as the Federal Government deployed troops to fish him out.Despite the judgment, Tompolo failed to appear in public until October 19, 2020, when sources said he made a sudden appearance at the Egbesu Shrine in his Oporoza country home in Gbaramatu, Delta State.
A picture of his appearance showed the former warlord and his friends dancing, worshipping, and offering Thanksgiving to Egbesu, Ijaw god.
The government killed his father, hunted him for assassination. He is a brutal leader and his anger is like ice. He acts.