Dudes in Ankara Shorts. What do you think?

Nigerian men are also making a name for themselves in the fashion world. They are stepping up their game in this area, trying to look their best.

The idea is to achieve this irresistible, soft, and masculine look effortlessly. Therefore, they opt for fabrics and styles that express their personal tastes. One of these fabrics is Ankara. Designers have learned to create a charming and creative look with this African print. And unlike female folks who make beautiful outfits from this exotic fabric, men accept Ankara shorts because they feel comfortable and easy. The great thing about shorts in Ankara is that while they can be worn on formal occasions when paired with appropriate blouses, men can also wear them for hanging out with friends and family, at amusement parks, during picnics, or even during meetings and while relaxing at home.

Olalekan Oladele, CEO / Creative Director of Ethereal Couture, explained that Ankara, also known as Wax Print, is a vibrant, evergreen, and durable fabric commonly used in West Africa.

He said, “The process of making a wax print is initially influenced by batik, an Indonesian (Javanese) method of dyeing fabrics that uses wax resistant techniques. Ankara is available in a variety of patterns, classes, and prices that appeal to all budgets.

“In Nigeria, Ankara was seen in the past as clothing for rural and uninformed people, but this perception has changed in recent times. Ankara is now proudly worn by people from all works of life and of sophisticated designs.

“One of Ankara’s most striking styles is the Ankara shorts that men and women wear in style. Ankara shorts are comfortable and versatile garments that can be combined with t-shirts, polo shirts, dress shirts, or even an Ankara shirt with the same shorts. ”

Tips on how to wear Ankara shorts

If you don’t wear an Ankara blouse to match your shorts, opt for plain color blouses that give your look a harmonious contrast.

• The length of Ankara shorts should be around the knee. Anything a lot shorter makes it look like underwear, and longer looks awkward.

• Your Ankara shorts should not be too tight or too wide. It should be smart, but with enough space to make it easy to get around.

• Ankara shorts can be combined with a wide variety of footwear, such as Palm slippers, sandals, shoes, half-shoes, loafers and sneakers. When combined with sports shoes, it is desirable to combine shorts with polo shirts or t-shirts.