In Mauritania, how fat you determine how attractive you are

In Mauritania, how fat you determine how attractive you are.



Slim looks like the new beauty, but if you are coming to Mauritania, If you are a slim woman coming to Mauritania, it may shock you to know that the fatter you are, the more attractive you would become.

Fat is perceived as wealth and attractiveness. The body size of a woman defines a lot of parameters in ranking women. When women get to marriageable age, they are forced fed at what they called fat farms, especially in the rural areas. It is not only women who are rated this way but the man too.

The older women take slim women to a place where they are forced fed with couscous and gallons of milk until they grow and look prettier(get fat). Sadly, some of these women are beaten up in extreme cases if they can’t take in more food.

Today, the propaganda of becoming slim has been added to ensure that women love their slim bodies. The government is struggling to ensure that the use of obesity awareness programs eradicates this practice. The popular agony of kidnapping a woman to be force-fed is gradually giving way to a better lifestyle for these women ready for marriage.

In Africa, there are tons of mating rituals that may drive a foreigner insane. Forgetting that, finding the right partner can happen in any place. We have seen couples meeting in a prison cell, at orgies, and even at some of the world’s worst places. Yet, the end of the story is love and happiness.

One of the most effective methods that have started yielding results is Western Soap Operas that publicly make you see the beauty in slim women. The traditional belief is always difficult to eradicate. Still, with time and proper awareness program, we are sure that slimness will be appreciated in years to come when it comes to getting married.