Senator: A Fashion Vogue That Transformed Men’s Fashion In Nigeria

Many sew and wore the fashion vogue known as “Senator” without understanding the origins of that particular fashion style. Many Nigerians, both men, and women could hardly tell the story behind the name ‘senator‘ attributed to the fashion style worn primarily by Igbo and their relatives throughout the Niger Delta region.

Lately, fashion has gained great recognition all over the country. It is undeniable that the Senator is today accepted across the country as a very dynamic fashion style that has become a national garment. Of course, it did not quickly replace old clothes or traditional clothing. Perhaps this is because it is better to do it with suit materials than with most materials for our traditional clothing.

The name of Senator came from the fact that the first person to use it for the first time in our national history was, in fact, a Senator. The man is an Igbo chief and also a national figure. The man in question is Senator Anyiam Pius Anyiam. He was the first person to use this material while serving as senate President under President Olusegun Obasanjo’s government. So, the reason why people have given this style of fashion the name of Senator.

Senator, it is not exactly Igbo traditional clothes or the clothes of their Niger Delta cousins. But the same goes for design and appearance. There is no difference in the design or except that it is not made with a traditional “isi Agu” (tiger head) design or graphics, but with simple suit material.

If you look at the traditional designs of all the inhabitants of lower Niger or the delta region, which include Igbos, the traditional clothing, or the fashion of their men is the same. The only thing they wear to differentiate themselves from their cousins ​​is their hats. While the Igbos have their own round red, white, or black cap (depending on the day, with traditional title status), their cousins ​​from the rest of the Niger Delta have a broad or wide black hat like the one worn by the former President Dr. Good luck Ebelechukwu Jonathan.

Senator Ayiam Pius Ayiam is a fashion icon who has independently transformed or changed fashion in Nigeria, which deserves to be commended. If it hadn’t occurred to him to make traditional Igbo clothing from suit materials, we wouldn’t have a “senator” in our national fashion today.

Therefore, great recognition must be given for such a great contribution to our fashion. However, he didn’t have to think about it much, as the design and everything in between came from the traditional Igbo and its cousin Niger Delta, the label’s

As seen here, young people feel very comfortable taking a senator anywhere and on any occasion. This is partly not the same with heavily designed traditional clothing or clothing. Hence, the Senator has been widely accepted by other young people from other parts of Nigeria, outside of the Niger Delta region.


It can be seen that the current special adviser to the current President for media and publicity, Mr. Femi Adesina, wears more senator attire than any other outfit, even though he is not from the Lower Niger region. It’s proof that fashion is widely accepted across the country. It looks good and looks good on all occasions, even for work.


There you can see that a man’s influence on a fashion trend could transform the whole style and fashion trend. A big thank you to Senator Anyiam Pius Anyiam for bringing the traditional “senator” clothing of Igbo cousins ​​and Niger Delta made from suit materials.


It’s lighter, more fashionable, and designed for all occasions, including work. As a result, the Senator is quickly becoming a national iconic fashion style that is acceptable to everyone, regardless of ethnicity. But all thanks to Senator Anyiam Pius Anyiam and his traditional Igbo and Niger Delta clothing.