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Kiddwaya, from Terseer Kiddwaya, is among the housemates in the current Big Brother Naija Lockdown Season 5. He was born on March 5, 1993, which makes him 27 years old.

Kiddwaya Wiki

Full Name Terseer Kiddwaya

Age 27 Years (2020)

Sex Male

Nationality Nigerian

Place of Birth Benue

Marital status Single

Occupation Self-employed

Kiddwaya Biography

Terseer Kiddwaya is a 27-year-old self-employed person from Benue State. He is one of the housemates on Big Brother Naija’s Biggest African TV Show, season 5.

He describes himself as a confident, handsome, ambitious, courageous, and highly motivated guy. So it’s no wonder that “bringing home some fun” isn’t something you won’t compromise on this season.

Early Life

The son of a billionaire Nigerian businessman, Chief Terry Waya, Kiddwaya, was born in Lagos but hail from Benue state. He lived in Britain for about six years, until he began forging between Nigeria and London.


Kiddwaya received his first degree from Nottingham Trent University, then obtained an MBA from the same university.


The entrepreneur is also the CEO of Valley Foods Company, located in Nigeria. Kiddwaya is also a co-founder of AK Exports.

According to Kiddway, he had different relationships, and his longest relationship lasted four years.


My greatest achievement has been health and fitness. I was pretty chubby, so I transformed my body, and so far, I’ve been consistent.

Facts about Kiddwaya

  • What new habit or skill did you acquire during lockdown?

I can go a long time without no phone or TV.

  • What are your words to live by?

You never know when your time is up, so you might as well go for it.

  • What is your biggest achievement?

Getting into health and fitness has been my biggest achievement. I used to be quite chubby, so I transformed my body and I have been consistent ever since.