BBN Updates: The Second Eviction Night – How Eric And Tochi Were Voted Out

Being the second eviction night in the Big Brother Naija Lockdown edition, Tochi and Eric were voted out of the house last Sunday.

The suspense and all that surrounds every Sunday night in Big Brother House is a thing that makes the Reality Show more interesting.
Last night, on the Big Brother Naija, the eviction show, the TV Host, Ebuka appeared stylishly on his dark green Agbada with dark shiny stones and a black bow. He was accompanied by a Nigeria Disc Jockey, DJ Neptune, who entertained the house and viewers with what he does well at.

Normally, Ebuka would check-in the house to engage in a small chit-chat with the Housemates.
Starting from Ozo, who admitted he had a fantastic birthday celebration although he was engaged in a fight. Brighto voiced that the Deputy Housemate, Dorathy has feelings for Ozo while he is attracted to Nengi, but Dorathy countered that she has never said to anyone that she has a thing for the HoH.
Nengi, on her own, revealed that they are only but good friends.

The eviction process began after the collected votes were scored, four of the Housemates; Kaisha, Trikytee, Tochi, and Eric made the least of the two housemates who would be leaving.
Like last week’s voting format, the Housemates were asked to select two mates that they wished to see out of the house.


How The Housemates Voted On The Eviction Sunday Night:

Dorathy felt it was Tochi and Eric that needs to leave them.
Praise and Tolanibaj also supported Dorathy’s decision by voting Tochi and Eric out of the house.
Kiddwaya voted out Kaisha and Eric.
Neo voted out Kaisha and Tochi.
Nengi voted out Kaisha and Eric.
Lucy and Prince voted that Kaisha and Tochi should leave the house.
Laycon and Brighto felt that Trikytee and Eric should be evicted.
Erica voted out Kaisha and Tochi.
Wathoni voted out Tochi and Eric.
Vee voted out Eric and Kaisha while Ozo voted out Kaisha and Tochi.

After the vote, Tochi and Eric had nine votes each, Kaisha had eight votes, while Trikytee was voted out by just two of the Housemates.

After the voting, Ebuka announced that Eric was selected to be evicted. Meanwhile, in the house, Eric, after bidding farewells, left the house to the stage for an interview with Ebuka.
Eric admitted to having been distracted in the house, said he is looking forward to meeting again with Lilo. He shared his plans with Ebuka, which involves getting back to his regular work out, continue his modeling with hopes of making it into the movie industry.

After Eric left, the Host announced that the second eviction of the night was Tochi.
Tochi was seen leaving after screaming, “It is what it is.”

During the interview with Ebuka, Tochi acknowledged his disappointment in leaving Biggie’s house. He said his plans outside the house would be property management and as well, acting.

It was wrapped up with Ebuka reminding the House of the Head of House games coming up tomorrow and congratulating Kaisha and Trikytee on their escape from eviction.

Who would you like to see as the new HoH and DHoH?