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Gabriel Afolayan is a singer and actor. He is the son of Adeyemi Afolayan, the late Iranian entertainment icon, and is also known by the stage name G-Fresh.

In this article, we take a look at Gabriel Afolayan, from his acting career to his journey into music and his family.

Gabriel Afolayan Wiki

Nationality: Nigerian

Citizenship: Nigerian

Occupation: Actor, singer

Years active: 1997 – present

Parent(s): Adeyemi Afolayan (father)

Relatives: Moji Afolayan (sister), Kunle Afolayan (brother), Aremu Afolayan (brother)

Biography & Early Life

Although his real age is undisclosed, it is believed that Gabriel Afolayan was born in the early 1980s. He is one of the sons of the late Adeyemi Afolayan. His siblings include Aremu and Kunle Afolayan, and they are also in the entertainment business.


The actor studied theatrical art at the University of Ibadan.


As mentioned above, Gabriel is the son of Adeyemi Afolayan, a fun icon in Nigeria popularly called Ade Love.

His older brother, Kunle, is a director, and there is Aremu, who is a Nollywood actor. Gabriel also exposed that he has a brother Ana who is a director of photography and believes he is one of the best in Nigeria. Surprisingly, most people don’t know him at all.

There is also Toyin Afolayan, popularly known as Lola Idijie, an actress and aunt of Gabriel. According to Toyin, he was the father of Gabriel Afolayan, Ade Love, who introduced her to the theater.


Gabriel Afolayan made his debut in the film Baba Sala F Opawon. He has also appeared in several films produced by his brother Kunle Afolayan. However, in an interview, he revealed that this is not a criterion that should always appear in films produced by his brother.

The actor is also involved in music. His musical career began in 1997 when he was part of a group on Ibadan. The actor also revealed that he has always been a part of the choir. Some of his musical influences include 2face, Banky W., Aṣa, and Bez, and he describes his musical genre as “Love Ballad.” He is known for the hits “Awelewa” and “Kokoro Ife.”

Awards and Nominations

The actor won the award for the best supporting actor in the play “Tavier Jambari” in Hoodrus (2012). He was also nominated for a Nollywood Movies Award for Best Supporting Actor and Best Leading Actor for the first reason.


Some of the film he’s starred in include:

  • 7 Inch Curve
  • Closet (TV Series)
  • Heroes and Zeros
  • Hoodrush
  • King Invincible
  • Sade
  • Ija Okan
  • Madam Dearest
  • Ojuju
  • Okafor’s Law
  • Truncated
  • Itusile
  • Something Wicked


Rumors circulated that things were not rosy between Gabriel and his brother actor Aremu, which is why he did not attend Aremu’s wedding, but the actor has denied such allegations. He revealed to us that he was not in town when the wedding was taking place and could not attend.

Brand Endorsement

Gabriel Afolayan is an Airtel brand ambassador, and once in an interview, he revealed that one of his most famous roles was one of the commercials for Airtel in which he appeared.

According to the actor, the role was unique because it differed from his usual performance, as it included acting without dialogue and was quite tricky.

Gabriel Afolayan Net Worth

Afolayan is another successful Nigerian actor and singer, rated one of the richest and most influential with a net worth of about $500,000.



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