The two essential things that if added to the big brother show, will have a huge impact on the viewers. 


The two essential things that if added to the big brother show, will have a huge impact on the viewers.


Big brother naija 2020
Big brother Naija 2020

Big brother Naija is a tv show that runs for three good months in Nigeria, a replica of big brother Africa. It’s an exciting show and so many gifts to be won by the housemates. The winner of this year’s edition will be going home with the sum of 85 million naira—adding both the cash price and the other prices.

Big brother has also been receiving criticisms on how it has no positive influence on people, how there’s nothing to learn from the show.

Here are the two essential things that, if added or taken into considerations, big brother Naija show, would have a significant impact on Nigeria and Africa.

Cultural/ethnic diversity and importance:

one of the problems Africa and Nigeria is facing currently, is cultural diversity, and cultural degradation, the phrase ‘unity in diversity’ is a farce and even though it’s always said, enacting it has always been a problem.

Big brother house is a house that is watched by millions of Nigerians and Africa.

If each housemate is always mandated to identify their culture, live their ethnicity, say things about them, make native foods, and often wear their attire. Maybe with that way, we can bring back the importance of our culture, and reconcile somehow, in the head of people viewing this show, our cultural differences and the beauty in unity in diversity.

Religious tolerance:

Religious tolerance is one of the main problems of Nigeria, a Christian looks at a Muslim like he is less and a Muslim does the same, even in the Christian denomination, a deeper life sees a catholic as not being Christian enough and other faiths.

Big brother can use this show to settle this dispute somehow.

People want to see a catholic and a deeper life in the house, a Muslim, an atheist, a traditional believer, an eckist, and other religions and beliefs in the house, living together despite their beliefs.

Imagine a house where there are different ethnicity and different religious backgrounds? Imagine the drama? Imagine the argument? And the arguments will not be on things that don’t concern the viewers anymore but on something that the viewers can learn from and apply in society.

What do you think about this?