The siam weed; The healing weed.

The healing weed.

Chromolaena odorata, also known as Siam weed, is filled with lots of amazing benefits.
It’s known in some areas as Ewe Akintola(Yoruba), Abalidiegwu(Igbo), Awolowo leaf, and independence weed.
Despite it being called a weed, it’s packed with anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, antibacterial, antifungal, and analgesic properties. That’s why it has been used for wound healing and to boost the immune system.

The siam weed.
The siam weed.

Here are benefits of Independence weed:

1•Wound healing: as I mentioned earlier, siam weed has lots of incredible properties, and they help heal wounds and stop bleeding.
Pain relief: it’s a potent analgesic and

2•can either be taken internally or applied to the pain source.

3•Maintains stomach health: the nutrition content in this weed helps with various stomach and digestive issues.

4•Supports heart health: Siam weed helps maintain one’s blood pressure and lower cholesterol levels.

5•Prevents cervical cancer and maintains vaginal health.

6•Prevents and manages diabetes.

7•Can prevent and treat ulcer

8•Help get rid of cough and catarrh

9•It can is used for the treatment of malaria.

10•It can be applied to burns to help the healing process.

How to use it:

For wounds and burns;
•Get a few leaves of the siam weed, rinse with clean water, and crush with hand or mortar to get the juice.
•Clean the wound with water before applying the fluid to it.
•The paste or leaf is used to cover the injury to aid the healing process and stop bleeding.

The siam weed
The siam weed

To make siam weed tea you’ll :
•Get a handful of siam weed and put in a pot.
•Put a little quantity of water to cover the plant and leave to boil for 20-30 minutes.
•Sieve the water and leave to cool before drinking.