Entrepreneur Launches Black-Owned Boutique That Delivers Plants to Your Home Alexis Sims, founder of Leaf Me

Leaf Me, a houseplant brand launched by founder Alexis Sims, is a Detroit-based online store that delivers tropical houseplants with health benefits directly to your home. The company also provides interior plant decor consultations to help clients pick the right plants for their light and humidity.

“At the start of my divorce, my mom gave me her arrowhead vine, my first plant. That plant is what got me through while taking care of a newborn and working full time. I’m excited to be on the other side of that storm and to be of service to others,” says Alexis. “Also, Black people especially have always had plants in their lives and homes. While this isn’t new to us, we don’t own enough of the market.”

 For thousands of years, plants have shown us how beneficial they are to consume, use, and have. Spending time with house plants can improve mental health, air quality, and overall atmosphere. Plants are the [affordable] therapy you didn’t know you needed.